Reflections on Ohigan and the Seventh Generation

The Buddhist Church of Oakland observed Spring Ohigan last Sunday (March 15, 2015), but today (March 20) is the actual Spring Equinox! I looked at it as an opportunity to announce our intention to explicitly become an “EcoSangha” – the Buddhist Churches of America recently adopted a resolution to encourage all of our temples to adopt EcoSangha principles, and adopt policies that promote an awareness of the profound implications of our behavior on future generations and to promote ecologically friendly behavior in the spirit of “mottai-nai” (this is from the final part of the resolution).

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books and writing

Dug up some books while trying to get things in order – here’s one:

Buddhahood Embodied: Sources of Controversy in India and Tibet, by John J. Makransky – this is a great book, I loved it during my first year at Institute of Buddhist Studies. It focuses on some of the “Buddha Body” theories of later Indian Mahayana Buddhism. The part I want to focus on now is the final chapter that looks at how the Four Noble Truths of the Nikaya Buddhist schools (such as Theravada) need to be reinterpreted in a Mahayana framework.

Part of why I am excited is that I am feeling an urge to really start writing. I have had issues with writing since high school if not earlier. It’s not that I can’t write, but I usually have a difficult time with it. I have a lot of ideas, many of which I have explored in study classes at temple, but haven’t really sat down and tried to write about them. That’s also a part of what this blog is about.